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I recently moved from Boston Massachusetts to New York.

I recently moved from Boston Massachusetts to New York. I only had Two week to look for a moving company and was glad that I came across Long distance movers New York Benny’s moving and gave them a call.

Reserving for movers was super easy and quick I spoke to Kara and she was very polite and helpful. Everything could be done online. As soon as you are done with the reservation process, they will send you and email for confirmation and someone from the company will call to confirm your date. They will give you the estimated time of the moving process and a quote of flat rate moving which I love because its guaranteed price no surprises and it was the same price as I got quoted.

On my moving day. Three movers and a truck came to do the move. They showed up earlier but was courteous to give me a call beforehand. They moved everything out of my apartment in 2 hours. I waited for them to deliver my goods next day in New York City.

They worked efficiently to move everything to my new place. It ended up taking them 1hr for the move, moving from Massachusetts to New York was an easy process Thanks to Benny’s moving and Storage.

I just moved from NYC to California and had the best experience with Benny’s moving

I just moved from New York City to LA and had the best experience with Benny’s moving and Storage of Massachusetts!!  I was looking for Long Distance movers in New York and Benny’s moving came up on the search result, They made this moving process so simple and easy.  Great team of movers Terry, William and Jose did our pickup in New York and Santos and Giovanni in California 5 stars service (friendly, polite, careful with packing/unpacking, efficient, etc.) and my communication with the office was wonderful as well, phone calls and emails returned immediately by Kara, super friendly And polite, the best part was how easy everything was — very good price, good communication about where my shipment was, made sure the inventory matched. I’d recommend them to all our friends and family, moving from New York to California was one of the best choices I have made in my life, great weather and people.

was referred to Benny’s moving from another company Fastlines Movers

I was referred to Benny’s moving from another company Fastlines Movers, and picked them because they gave me a flat-rate quote that was much, much lower than the other companies. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and sometimes you get much more! In this case I got professional movers at bargain price, careful, professional movers, Moving from New York to Boston was an easy task for those guys.

I would definitely recommend these guys for your next move. Over the last 15 years I’ve moved just about every Two year and often hired movers. William and his helper Richard, fast, hard-working and the price was cheap.

If I will be moving back from Boston to New York City I will be using them again my move for two bedrooms apartment second floor to first floor was $1800

Thank you guys you made my day.

Moving from New York to Boston Massachusetts

These movers are truly top notch! Our moving experience was made quite pleasant by Benny’s moving and storage. Up until this move I had bad experience using other moving companies. This is certainly the way to go.  The crew that moved us was  professional, courteous and respectful of our possessions, they arrived in New York City at 10:00 AM and delivered our belongings at 5:00 PM in Boston, moving from New York to Boston was an easy Task for Benny’s Moving.

moving traler from New York to Boston

I had originally contacted them for a move from New to California but decided to relocate to Boston instead. The owner David personally called us at our home and did an assessment and then provided an extremely competitive bid guaranteed flat rate based on the list of items we provided to him.
We have a 2 bedroom home with  some over-sized, bulky pieces that they moved with ease and care. We had no damaged walls or possessions, total cost was $2800 compare to $5000 from other moving companies.

Moving from New York to California

I could not have asked for a better moving company, and more especially, nicer people to move my family and my grandmother’s family heirlooms.  Moving from New York to California was a logistical challenge.  Terry was professional, efficient, and reasonably priced.  He showed up on time at every stop. Benny’s Moving and storage get’s the did an excellent job and delivered our household goods in Los Angeles with in 13 days, what a great service, Thank you again Kara and Terry.

Moving from New York City to Boston with Benny’s Moving

Honestly I was a bit nervous watching these 3 guys move our stuff from an apartment in New York City to an apartment in Boston.
Took apart couch, table, desks and bedroom set and a piano with no problem.  Almost like watching a movie.  Did not hit one wall or damaged any of my items.
Moving from New York to Boston was great experience, Everything up perfectly after unpacking the truck.  The crew was on time and the price was fantastic. The three gentlemen were just nice and professional movers.  Extremely professional and courteous. I can’t recommend this Benny’s moving company enough.

Avail Full Moving Services from Long Distance Movers in New York


July 20, 2014
Avail Full Moving Services from Long Distance Movers in New York bennysmoving      Avail Full Moving Services from Long Distance Movers in New York

July 20, 2014              Long Distance Movers, Movers

Avail Full Moving Services from Long Distance Movers in New York

Long distance moving can be a highly time consuming and tedious job, without proper support. Moreover, by assistance, it does not only mean the friends and Neighbours who pitch in to help you out, but a professional assistance, like a long distance moving company. There are many movers in New York who provide help with the long distance shifting, at an affordable rate. Here are a few things you can avail from them, to make the shifting easier. • Packaging services Since you are shifting to a place quite away from your present location, simple or haphazard packing would not do for you. To prevent any damage to the materials during shifting, you need to pack them very carefully. Doing it with a professional help, like employing the packaging services offered by the long distance movers, can come in handy.

• Liability services Insurance is a must, while you are moving from one location to another. Having your precious things insured and secured can help you to relax and enjoy the last few days in your old city. Again, here too, long distance movers can help you out. Most of them have excellent liability solutions and provide insurance of all kinds.

Moving from Boston to New York

Moving from Boston to New York

• Storage services The moving companies usually have allocated space as ‘storage spaces’ for those who would like to store their items to be picked up later on. So, in case you are relocating from New York only for a few months and would like to come back again for your things, you can use this facility.


• Moving facility Now, this one service is entirely necessary to the whole shifting process. With a completely secured vehicle to do the relocation process, you can experience stress free shifting from the New York City.

My move from Boston to New York City

This was my best move ever. And I’ve lived in 5 apartments in NYC, a few in Los Angeles, and just moved to NYC. These guys were seriously the best and smoothest move I’ve EVER had, with zero problems and, just as important, no hidden fees. The extremely reasonable price we were quoted for labor, travel, etc. was exactly what our move cost us in the end $2200.

what a great experience moving from Boston to New York, They were exactly on time to our Boston apartment and loaded up REALLY quickly—with just two dudes (Terry and Marvin), too. Because trucks must take the highway instead of the parkway through Connecticut, we beat our movers to NYC by a couple of hours, but we never had to worry about where they were, because they kept us informed of their whereabouts via phone calls during their entire trip. When they got to New York, they unloaded just as quickly, even though we’re on a second floor walkup here as compared to our former Boston elevator building. Stan was crazy-drenched in sweat by the end, but clearly didn’t care, and Terry  a Pro mover.

We’ll definitely use them again.

I have moved Seven times over the past 25 years

I have moved Seven times over the past 25 years that I have lived in Boston. From the South End to the cramped streets of Beacon Hill to the narrow staircases of the North End. I have always utilized the assistance of my family and friends. Now with move number ten I decided I needed professionals movers in Boston as my body at this age couldn’t handle another move, not to mention my friends and family couldn’t either. I turned to YELP for assistance and found Anton’s.

Booking the move was a breeze which I did online and confirmed on the phone. They gave a very accurate quote.  As moving day approached, so did my anxiety. Did I pack right? Would everything fit in the truck? What do I do while they move my stuff? Do I pitch in and help? Will the truck fit in. My new driveway?

Also in July 2012 I was moving from New York to Boston and I used Benny’s Moving long distance truck it was great experience and the total move coast around $2000

On moving day, I received a confirmation call about 30 minutes before they arrived. My team of three men arrived and were ready to go. They were very professional, skilled, strong and efficient. I was very impressed and very happy with their speed and attention to detail. They wrapped furniture, mirrors and tv’s very well. Nothing broke during the move. I was impressed with the organization of my stuff in the truck! Not to mention how the driver navigated my tight driveway!

I would not hesitate to use them again. They exceeded my expectations and took away my anxiety!

Moving it from Boston to New York

I used Benny’s moving from Boston to New York, with 2 months’ storage in between. They came to my place, picked everything up, put it in storage for two months and then brought everything to my new place in New York City.

The move couldn’t have gone smoother. David replies quickly and has great communication. They are very up front with costs and anything extra, for example I needed a couple large picture frame boxes which they provided at pretty much the same price i would have paid at home depot. The Three guys showed up on time and worked super quickly but carefully. They disassembled my ikea bed and helped me take down my curtain rods. The guys were total pros and very friendly and they gave us free mattress covers and free packing tape.

There were no problems when I called to schedule the delivery to New York, and they showed up around 7:30am after driving over from Boston (I didn’t even have to take time off from work). To be honest, I was a bit concerned about how my mostly Ikea furniture would hold up to moving, but with the exception of a few nicks and bumps it came out unscathed. The only casualties were a couple cheap wine glasses that I probably didn’t pack too well. It took them a little over a half hour to unload everything (one bedroom worth of stuff) including assembling my bed back together. I think the total for moving my stuff from my apartment in Boston to their storage, storing it there for two months, and moving it from Boston to New York came to about $1750 with tip. Well worth the money, to my opinion I think they are the best moving company in Boston.