Moving it from Boston to New York

I used Benny’s moving from Boston to New York, with 2 months’ storage in between. They came to my place, picked everything up, put it in storage for two months and then brought everything to my new place in New York City.

The move couldn’t have gone smoother. David replies quickly and has great communication. They are very up front with costs and anything extra, for example I needed a couple large picture frame boxes which they provided at pretty much the same price i would have paid at home depot. The Three guys showed up on time and worked super quickly but carefully. They disassembled my ikea bed and helped me take down my curtain rods. The guys were total pros and very friendly and they gave us free mattress covers and free packing tape.

There were no problems when I called to schedule the delivery to New York, and they showed up around 7:30am after driving over from Boston (I didn’t even have to take time off from work). To be honest, I was a bit concerned about how my mostly Ikea furniture would hold up to moving, but with the exception of a few nicks and bumps it came out unscathed. The only casualties were a couple cheap wine glasses that I probably didn’t pack too well. It took them a little over a half hour to unload everything (one bedroom worth of stuff) including assembling my bed back together. I think the total for moving my stuff from my apartment in Boston to their storage, storing it there for two months, and moving it from Boston to New York came to about $1750 with tip. Well worth the money, to my opinion I think they are the best moving company in Boston.

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