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3 Reasons to Move to Los Angeles

It’s the golden age old question: I want to be an actor, I want to be famous, Should I move to Los Angeles? Yes, of course you should…at some point. The question is when and how do you know? As someone who has moved there…then left…then moved back…and now floats in and out, I have a few suggestions as to how you can decide on when it is time to move to the epicenter of entertainment, Moving from Boston to Los Angeles?

1. Because you need to grow up. Sometimes the only way we can really grow is by leaving the nest. Some of us are so surrounded by love, we never get exposed to anything that can hurt us and you have to experience adversity to understand it and entertainment is the personification of adversity. Conflict is the reason for creativity. A happy ending doesn’t mean much if it wasn’t the result of a struggle, the harder the better. Art of course, imitates life. A cocooned life is not really worth living. You were born to thrive, so if you are not thriving at home, and you want to be an actor, there’s no faster place to grow up than cray-cray L.A.

2. The weather. There is no denying that Los Angeles has some of the best weather on the planet. It’s rarely too hot or too cold and it is sunny so much that most people get depressed at the mere mention of a cloud, let alone the sight of one. If you are a sufferer of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or you’re just a hypochondriac, you may find it hard it to be sad in such a beautiful place. Palm trees are everywhere, and everyone is filled with enthusiasm and promise. The euphoria is fueled by solar-powered vitamin D and there is an unending supply. Careful, though: One drive down Sunset Boulevard and you may never want to move back to your dreary, rain-soaked home again, so bring your loved ones with you.

3. Because you’re an actor. Let’s face it, if you ever want to be known outside your hometown, you’re coming to L.A. at some point. Even if you want to be on Broadway, a good way to do that is becoming famous in L.A. first. Once you’re famous, you can do pretty much anything you want. So, just get it over with. Move and experience all the joy and pain that L.A. can bring. There’s simply nothing like it. Not even close. I love it whether I’m struggling or on a hot streak. Nowhere else can you go to a movie and ask the stars themselves about their preparation. We have the Academy Awards for crying out loud, Warner Bros. Studios, Disney, HBO, the beach, the Lakers, the Kings, the mountains, the sea, and the most amazing restaurants on the planet…as well as some of the nicest people. So if you really, really, really want to be an actor, you might as well start packing because L.A. is to actors what Kansas was to Dorothy—home sweet home, still not sure, you can change your mind find deferent destination in California, what about San Francisco? moving from Boston to San Francisco? don’t wait until you are 80 years old pack your suitcase and call professional long distance movers at 1-800-286-9959.

Benny’s moving company did a fantastic job I was looking for Interstate movers

Benny’s moving company did a fantastic job, I was looking for  interstate movers

interstate movers

interstate movers

and I found them online, they had mixed reviews and I was hesitating at the beginning but after talking to Kara at the office I decided to book my Long distance move with them,  I also actually paid $100 less  than what I was quoted. I feel like this is a rarity in moving situations. Definitely a pleasant surprise vs my previous move.

Terry and William did a fantastic job packing up my things. They were super professional and polite. I had very fragile items and they were delivered in good condition without any damages, I am thinking wow I am so happy with this company definitely one of the Best Moving companies in Boston.

I was Planning to move from Boston to Virginia but I found a new job in DC

I was Planning to move from Boston to Virginia but I found a new job in DC so Benny’s moving and storage Watertown, MA moved me from Boston to DC and were incredibly professional and efficient and careful during the move.  There was a team of 3 guys who came to my Boston home to move me and they went above and beyond to wrap everything.  I hade few more items than originally I gave them over the phone so they ended charging me more than expected but I was ok with it and it was fair because I had more than I had thought but still they were very accommodating.  I will be using them for sure when I move from DC, not only that the price was the best I found around they deliver my belongings in the next day, moving from Boston to DC next day delivery I could not asked for more.

Moving from Boston to Virginia



had a great experience moving from Boston Massachusetts to Virginia.

I had a great experience moving from Boston Massachusetts to Virginia.  I was helped by Kara and David who were very nice.  I did have a 3 Bedroom house and storage unit to move from Massachusetts to Virginia, I called Benny’s moving and they suggested to send in home estimate, Terry showed up at our house look at the place and said I will call you in the afternoon with exact guaranteed price, I was searching for interstate movers in Boston and found Benny’s moving online.

Around 4:00 PM that day the sales person Stephen called us from the office and gave us flat rate quote of $4000 for Pick up and next day delivery in Virginia wile getting other estimates for over $6000,  They handled everything quickly and efficient.


I needed to move from Boston to North Carolina in a short notice

Benny’s Boston Movers were nothing but Professional moving company. I needed to move from Boston to North Carolina in a short notice, I search for moving companies in Boston on google and found Benny’s moving and storage company, I called and spoke to a sales person named Kara and she gave me flat rate moving quote of $2900 for my Two bedrooms move, when I called on Friday I wanted the movers to show up on Monday that’s a two days notice and no problem, I made the reservation and paid 10% deposit.


Monday Morning 3 movers showed up around 8:45 AM, Terry, Jose and William and with in 3 Hours my apartment was on the truck packed and ready to go, the flat rate price was good exactly as the estimate $2900 include the tape and mattress covers and stretch film.

They worked quickly and charged me the same as the estimate. They were polite and friendly without allowing it to interfere with their work. They worked on an extraordinarily hot day without one complaining, I provided them with soda and water.

Moving from Boston to North Carolina with Benny’s Moving was stressful free good experience and relaxing. If I ever need to move again I will call them and recommend them to all my friends and family

They did an amazing job with my interstate move to Claifornia

They did an amazing job with my interstate move!! great moving company located in Boston Massachusetts gave me a flat rate moving estimate and I actually paid what I was quoted. Definitely a pleasant and polite compare to my previous interstate move.

Terry, Sullivan and Jose did a fantastic job packing up my kitchen. They were super polite and very personable. I had very fragile China Dishes pieces and they were delivered in perfect condition without any damages, The movers used stickers and marked each item with number and inventoried all my items, moving from Boston to California was smooth transaction.

I called the company several times and spoke to Kara and she was very helpful. I would definitely recommend the other guys for an interstate move!

Leaving in the cold Weather over 30 Years finally ended in a good note for moving from Boston to San Francisco California the weather here is amazing.


I was recently moving from Boston to San Francisco and I am very happy with Benny’s moving

I was recently moving from Boston to San Francisco and I am very happy with Benny’s moving and storage Boston. The entire process was smooth and professional,  I initially interacted with Kara and she was awesome on the phone - I called several times to change around my inventory list and she was great and very pleasant. I needed storage for 2 Month and then have it delivered to San Francisco California.

moving from Boston to San Francisco

On the day of the move three showed up at 9:00 am and wrap up my furniture. They were professional, friendly, and polite. They did a great job packing up my kitchen and furniture, as there were damage at delivery.

7-10 days later the movers showed up in San Francisco and delivered my goods safe and sound, what a great movers Thank you Benny’s Moving.


Yolanda Rodriguez

San Francisco California

I live in Los Angeles California, and I am moving to Boston next Month

I  live in Los Angeles California, and I am moving to Boston next Month.  I needed help on finding professional moving company to move me to Boston, Since I will be working in Downtown Boston I wanted to move with Boston Moving Company.
I am 30 years old and originally from Massachusetts and moving with my husband and Two kids.  I went to Boston University for business degree , I love California but got job offer I could have not refuse.

When I was searching on google for Moving from California to Boston Benny’s moving and storage came up on the search result so I called them and spoke to Kara she was very polite and sweet and gave me a window of One week since they are based in Boston and could not have an exact time for their truck driver do be there, Hey they saved me $2000 so I went with One Week window, they called me 2 days in advanced and the driver gave me date and time and he showed up 8:30 AM and it took 3 Hours for them to load my belongings.

One Week later the driver showed up and deliver our belongings safe and sound, Whether you are moving from Boston to California or from California to Boston Benny’s moving can do it for you.


Thank you

Jenny Colonia

Moving from Cambridge to Newton

If you want the best moving experience in Cambridge Massachusetts, hire Benny’s moving and storage.  your move be easy and efficient and professional from the office staff to the movers ,  wrapping with moving pads and loading all your belongings into the truck.

Three movers showed up at our place at 8:30 AM our appointment was for 8:00-9:00 AM on time and professional, we moved from Cambridge MA to Newton MA first floor to second floor 2 bedroom apartment, it took for the movers 4.5 hours plus 30 minutes travel time back and forth 15 min each way, they give us free packing tape and free mattress covers so at the end we paid total $595 wile I got estimates from other moving companies for almost double the price I paid with Benny’s moving.

Moving from Connecticut to California

Moving from Connecticut to California -

Benny’s Moving California to Connecticut Express.

 Our partner Benny’s Moving and Storage announced its express moving services from Connecticut to California 7-14 business days from pickup to delivery, Benny’s moving and storage based in Watertown, MA and have fleet of tractor trailer that travel from the East Coast to the West Coast, please call us for free consultation and free moving estimate.

Interstate movers, long distance movers

moving from Connecticut to California

Moving from Connecticut to California Benny’s Moving and Storage One of the best movers in Boston provides Long distance moving services from Connecticut to the entire USA, Call One of the top moving companies in MA to provide you with free long distance moving quote 1-800-286-9959 Fully Licensed and Insured, Member of the BBB and American Movers association, Moving from Connecticut to California 7 to 14 Business day from the pick up to the delivery, Benny’s moving can pick up your belongings in a short notice, small or large job.