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Pros and Cons of Hiring Long Distance Movers in New York


Pros and Cons of Hiring Long Distance Movers in New York
Relocating the whole household to a new city like New York can be a quite daunting task. Even with well-planned lists of tasks, you can encounter a hitch or two. Why not hire a mover to do the job and save yourself a lot of trouble. Let’s look at some of the benefits of hiring a long distance movers in New York.
Saving time and energy
There are a lot of things that need to be packed and moved which requires a lot of time and energy. With experienced professionals movers, the job can be done in a very short time and You can save a lot of energy in the process.
Transportation and safety
Hiring movers can help you in getting the right size vehicle you need to transport your entire household or business. The whole move will be safer because the packing  of the items will be done expertly by the movers to prevent any type of damage. With the new tracking systems, you will know exactly where your vehicle is, at a particular point in time.
Terms of security
Most households contain a lot of valuable items.  Hiring professional  movers can help you secure insurance coverage for the items being transported.
In summary:
The cost of hiring a long distance mover can be a little more in comparison to doing the job on your own. However, with so many other benefits  hiring a mover can prove to be cost effective in the end.
The best option  is to hire a professional mover after researching all the above mentioned benefits. A good mover can help you save energy, money and time when you move to a new place.

How Much it Costs to Hire Office Movers in New Hampshire

How Much it Costs to Hire Office Movers in New Hampshire


While shifting to a new, gleaming office can be exciting, the cost incurred on the transfer can make people want to sit and think again. Though hiring an office mover is the best option, since it is less time-consuming, certain aspects like how much you need to shell out for the same is worth considering.


Usually, for moving an office or a household, in New Hampshire, the charges are based on the hours it takes for the move. That means the charges for shifting will vary according to the distance as well as the amount of pre-packing done before the final shifting. A fact, which is worth mentioning here, is that a well-planned shifting can result in saving a lot of expenditure.


Since office moving requires careful planning and a lot of packaging materials, hiring a mover, who can help you out in all these aspects and initial planning, can make the job much easier. That means, taking a complete package offer from the movers can work out to be a beneficial offer in the financial and management terms. There are some excellent services provided by the movers on these package offers, like supplying of packaging materials or providing assistance in packaging of expensive electronic goods.


Another thing based on which the cost of shifting might differ is the number of trucks or moving vehicles employed by the movers to do the job. A good moving company, which can offer many such vehicles for shifting your office, can finish the job in record time, saving effort and money in the process.


If you are planning on shifting your office premises in New Hampshire, look out for a good moving company which can provide you with all around assistance and also do it at a competitive price range.

Highly recommended Fast lines movers in Waltham Massachusetts

Needed to find a moving company in Waltham on short notice. Terry is AWESOME! Scheduled me, took care of the paperwork and even added insurance to his policy that my new building required he have.

Showed up on-time and the move went so fast that he left to take care of some urgent business with another customer while Marvin and William helped finish up (at a reduced rate!).

I have always moved myself and never wrap anything. They wrapped EVERYTHING in a moving blanket and taped it up. Literally nothing was scratched and they even got a sleeper sofa down a narrow staircase from the 3rd floor. Even though it took longer to do all the taping / unwrapping, it was well worth it.

Also, had a unique situation where we picked up 2 people’s stuff, dropped off 1 person’s, picked up another’s, then unloaded everything else at a 3rd location. Terry was more than accommodating.

Highly recommended Fast lines movers in Waltham Massachusetts.

Top notch movers in Waltham Massachusetts

Top notch. I needed a rush moving job done and was able to schedule something within 48 hours of my phone call, AND it was an after hours move. They were on time, professional movers, but at least attempted to miss the traffic from Waltham, MA to Somerville. They took great care of my stuff, and were successful in removing my awkward-as-ass antique sofa from one twisty-staircased Somerville apartment to ANOTHER twisty-staircased Somerville apartment. They had to hoist the damn thing into my new home due to the layout, and were ultimately successful and charged me about $119 more for this unexpected need, which was less than I expected. They took great care of all of my stuff, wrapping everything and being extremely diligent about avoiding bumping furniture against things. Super impressed.  Thank you Fastlines moving and storage Waltham.

If I need another mover, I’d definitely use them. End of story.

Used these guys for a move from Boston to Washington DC

Couldn’t possibly recommend a company more.

Used these guys for a moving from Boston to Washington DC about a month ago. My girlfriend and I were nervous about long-distance moving and all of its accompanying stresses, but Benny’s Moving was fantastic throughout the entire process. I first had contact with Alex to coordinate and schedule the move, and found him to be friendly, helpful, never pushy, and very willing to address any concerns we had. We were given a flat-rate estimate, which covered absolutely everything and was very reasonable (we did some shopping around to price out other movers as well). The company stayed 100% true to this estimate the entire time and there were no extra charges.


Our actual move was done by Terry, William, and a third guy who was there only for the loading up and whose name is Marvin. All three movers were courteous, thorough, and gentle with our belongings. They showed up right on time the following morning in DC and unloaded everything where we wanted it, carefully unwrapped fragile items, and reassembled furniture.

Everything about our experience with Benny’s Moving and storage was positive and most importantly for us: painless and stress-free. This is honestly one of the best moving companies that I have ever used, in any industry.

True Boston professional movers in every way!

True Boston professional movers in every way!

I bought moving boxes on Amazon and saw an offer on AmazonLocal for Benny’s Moving and Storage. These guys were fantastic. They showed up on time with tons of packing materials, mattress covers, etc. They wrapped all of my furniture very well and assisted with a short move. They guys were very friendly and professional. They worked the entire time moving my things from one place to another. They were very nice about setting up my new apartment, moving things a few times, and asking me where stuff should go. Since there was a short delay in arrival, they didn’t charge me for the travel time which was very nice and surprising because my previous move with another moving company they charged me One hour travel time.

I have already recommended them to several friends and I recommend them to all of you Yelpers out there!

recently moved from Waltham, MA to Brookline

  •  recently moved from Waltham, MA to Brookline, a short move, but a tough one in January weather, moving almost 3,000 books. I selected the top ranking movers in Waltham, and they all responded electronically, but Fast Lines movers was the only one that sent someone to estimate the move. That sold me right there because I knew it wasn’t a normal move and this told me that they read their email. The estimator was sharp, asking all the right questions, and pointed out some things we hadn’t noticed too. Very helpful and key in making the move go right.
    When they showed up, they had put one more guy on the crew, and it was a good thing too. These guys hustled and got the whole job done in less time than they estimated. This was hard work, with some very heavy antiques and over 150 50 pound boxes filled with books going up 2 and three flights of stairs with absolutely no mishaps, no breakage, no dings in the freshly painted walls.
    The moving guys were good natured, funny, helpful and actually guys we’d be happy to hang out with. They were awesome on top of being incredibly hard workers.
  • There are many moving companies in Waltham MA but Fast Lines Movers are the best.