I recently moved from Boston Massachusetts to New York.

I recently moved from Boston Massachusetts to New York. I only had Two week to look for a moving company and was glad that I came across Long distance movers New York Benny’s moving and gave them a call.

Reserving for movers was super easy and quick I spoke to Kara and she was very polite and helpful. Everything could be done online. As soon as you are done with the reservation process, they will send you and email for confirmation and someone from the company will call to confirm your date. They will give you the estimated time of the moving process and a quote of flat rate moving which I love because its guaranteed price no surprises and it was the same price as I got quoted.

On my moving day. Three movers and a truck came to do the move. They showed up earlier but was courteous to give me a call beforehand. They moved everything out of my apartment in 2 hours. I waited for them to deliver my goods next day in New York City.

They worked efficiently to move everything to my new place. It ended up taking them 1hr for the move, moving from Massachusetts to New York was an easy process Thanks to Benny’s moving and Storage.

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