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We moved from Nashua, NH to Brookline, MA at the end of August and had such an amazing experience

We moved from Nashua, NH to Brookline, MA at the end of August and had such an amazing experience with Benny’s moving and storage of Watertown. I’m totally impressed by them – these guys are professional movers, despite some bad reviews we read on yelp, we are very happy we choose Benny’s moving and storage company, at first we looked for moving companies in New Hampshire but on google search result we found Benny’s moving so I guess they have an office in Nashua NH.

Booking the move was very easy process I spoke to Stephen and he as great on the phone explaining the steps. We requested an estimate online and had a response soon after. The quote was very close to the actual move.
On the day of the move, three movers showed up earlier than expected and immediately start to work. We were on the second floor of an apartment complex with no elevator. They worked like professional movers, no complaints, no breaks, and finished loading on the truck within 2 hours.
They unloaded equally fast. Everything was undamaged, the guys were nice and polite, and the whole move came in about $1180.00.  I can’t say enough good things about this company, when we move next, we will absolutely use them again.

Thank you Benny’s Moving

Tina and Roger Bow

Best Interstate Moving Company in Boston, MA

Best Interstate Moving Company in Boston, MA


Planning an Interstate move, even for a very good purpose, is a very time-consuming and tedious affair that many of us have faced one time or the other. Many people advise us as to what to be done and not done, while shifting out a residence or an office. But, there are a few instructions as to the checks one need to make, to ascertain if the moving company we are employing is a genuine one or not.


Interstate Moving companies, as we know, have cropped up every nook and corner of Boston city now. So, when this is the situation one need to face the highly competitive market, how can you make sure the person you have employed is a good moving company in Boston? Let us make a list and contemplate on the items, to get to the core of this essential aspect.


  • Experience of the moving company: Though we are only checking out if a company is genuine or not, experience counts, because a well established company, cannot be suspicious. The reason behind this is that they have a reputation to maintain and customers to satisfy. Moreover, they are in this field for so long that you will find hundreds of satisfied customers vouching for them.


  • Insurance policies: It is always a matter of concern during shifting- if or if not one should take an insurance, and to what capacity? A genuine company will tell you clearly what and what not to expect during shifting and also the importance of taking up the insurance. Many good moving companies have their own insurance advisors, who can sit with you and talk about all the essential points.


  • Signing up documents: A genuine company, though, will also make you sign documents, the clauses in them, will not be so vague, as in a suspicious one. Read every clause, and understand them (if possible, ask for an explanation), before signing them up to help you in the shifting process.


  • Transparency about the facilities: How many trucks do you own and what about the credentials of your drivers? Try asking questions such as the above, to ensure if you are paying up for nothing but, best facilities.


Our Interstate moving services includes pickup and delivery door to door all inclusive flat rate price guaranteed, our services from New England to the entire continental USA, Moving from Connecticut to California call us for free estimate.


Moving from Boston to Chicago or moving from New Hampshire to Florida call Benny’s moving for any questions in regards to your long distance relocation.


The cost involved in moving or even the persons employed with the moving companies, all that comes later on. Check out the above mentioned points and the other ones that you can come up with, to ensure you are only employing the best in the market to move your precious goods.


About the company:


Benny’s Moving & Storage Company is a market leader in moving services in Boston. They are highly trained team of professional movers who are known for delivering premier moving services. They do careful handling of large items such as furniture, pianos etc. For packing delicate goods they also provide packing materials.

How Much it Costs to Hire Office Movers in New Hampshire

How Much it Costs to Hire Office Movers in New Hampshire


While shifting to a new, gleaming office can be exciting, the cost incurred on the transfer can make people want to sit and think again. Though hiring an office mover is the best option, since it is less time-consuming, certain aspects like how much you need to shell out for the same is worth considering.


Usually, for moving an office or a household, in New Hampshire, the charges are based on the hours it takes for the move. That means the charges for shifting will vary according to the distance as well as the amount of pre-packing done before the final shifting. A fact, which is worth mentioning here, is that a well-planned shifting can result in saving a lot of expenditure.


Since office moving requires careful planning and a lot of packaging materials, hiring a mover, who can help you out in all these aspects and initial planning, can make the job much easier. That means, taking a complete package offer from the movers can work out to be a beneficial offer in the financial and management terms. There are some excellent services provided by the movers on these package offers, like supplying of packaging materials or providing assistance in packaging of expensive electronic goods.


Another thing based on which the cost of shifting might differ is the number of trucks or moving vehicles employed by the movers to do the job. A good moving company, which can offer many such vehicles for shifting your office, can finish the job in record time, saving effort and money in the process.


If you are planning on shifting your office premises in New Hampshire, look out for a good moving company which can provide you with all around assistance and also do it at a competitive price range.

Benefits of Hiring a Long Distance Movers

Benefits of Hiring a Mover for Long Distance Moves
Moving again? Things can get a bit tough if not planned and coordinated well. With so much to do in the allotted time and so less time left, the stress level might be too much to handle. This is because, every time a move takes place, a lot of avenues need to be covered and with a much lesser time.  A lot of effort and care goes into packing all those invaluable furniture and smaller things around the house.  With a little bit help from outside, the stress behind the whole shifting process can be avoided.
Here is where the ‘Movers’ come in. Not only the strain gets reduced, the movers do it so well that getting settled into your new home would also be easier. Movers are people who help not only in packing up your things, but also organizing them in such a way that the ‘Unpacking’ part becomes a child’s play. The option of movers works out extremely well in the case of people moving long distances. Here are some of the benefits of employing a mover for long distance shifting:
a.    A house is filled with a variety of items, of different shapes and sizes. Moving them and packing them up would require a lot of energy and physical work. Also, sometimes, it would not be physically possible for us to do it ourselves. Movers are trained in these tasks so well that they accomplish it in no time at all.
b.    The movers can pack much faster because they have the required skill to do it at a good speed. This will save our precious time since “time is the essence”, when it comes to moving.
c.    A lot of items can get broken or destroyed in the process of shifting. This can be avoided by hiring a mover since they have good packaging materials and ways of packing them to avoid damage.
d.    Hiring movers would help us in saving on the time spent to shop for articles to pack.
e.    Most of the movers have storage facilities for storing up any items that are to be left behind.
Apart from this, a long distance mover can save a lot of time and effort from this tremendous task and this time can be employed in doing things that are necessary for a smooth switching over. We are all overburdened with a lot of responsibilities. Hiring a mover is like sharing this responsibility with a professional, who will do it with the same care and love as we do it, or even better sometimes.
Looking for Long Distance Movers in New England
Please call us at 1-800-286-9959 for free long distance moving quote.
Benny’s Moving & Storage is A long Distance carrier for Fast Lines Moving Company is a team of professionally trained mover who are known for delivering premier moving services. These movers are specially trained to handle large items such as furniture, pianos etc. They also provide packing materials for safety and security purpose.