We moved here 2 years ago to South carolina and absolutely love it

We moved here 2 years ago and absolutely love it - a lot of fun things to do either outdoors or indoors great malls and plenty of shopping centers, weather is incredible Can’t say enough good things about living here and I’ve lived in California, Florida, Boston,  and Maryland so have exposure to a variety of different-sized towns and geographical areas.

We moved from Boston to South Carolina 2 years ago and the Downsides are you may want to opt for public school if you have kids in that age range. Try to get some flexibility with work hours if you are going to have much of a commute. Any town with as many bridges as we have can have problems with rush hour but South Carolina is a beautiful peaceful place to live, I never taught I would say that moving from Boston to South Carolina was one of the best choices I did in life.

Whether you are moving from Boston to North Carolina or to Georgia or anywhere in the USA I recommend Benny’s moving and storage, we had great experience using Benny’s moving services.

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