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First time hiring professional movers

First time hiring professional movers so I was a bit nervous about the costs and how it would go. Took a lot of time looking for the most reasonably-priced, highly reviewed company and I am so glad I chose Benny’s Moving and Storage.

Two guys showed up a half hour early (after calling to make sure that was OK), and got the move done in the freezing February. No surprise fees or costs, everything is included in the long distance rate rate and my final fee was calculated by the list of items. The final bill was $2500 for moving from Boston to Florida and the poor guy went through the trouble of explaining to me that there was the charges.

I had a large bedroom and quite a few furniture pieces to move; with a ton of boxes (maybe 20-30, some very heavy). They wrapped my furniture in blankets and secured everything like utter professionals. Final cost with a yelp coupon was pennies compared to the hassle of moving myself.

Benny’s is legit. Will definitely hire again the next time I move. Thanks Guys, hope you didn’t get pneumonia!


Trisha Banks

Miami Florida

My move from Boston to New York City

This was my best move ever. And I’ve lived in 5 apartments in NYC, a few in Los Angeles, and just moved to NYC. These guys were seriously the best and smoothest move I’ve EVER had, with zero problems and, just as important, no hidden fees. The extremely reasonable price we were quoted for labor, travel, etc. was exactly what our move cost us in the end $2200.

what a great experience moving from Boston to New York, They were exactly on time to our Boston apartment and loaded up REALLY quickly—with just two dudes (Terry and Marvin), too. Because trucks must take the highway instead of the parkway through Connecticut, we beat our movers to NYC by a couple of hours, but we never had to worry about where they were, because they kept us informed of their whereabouts via phone calls during their entire trip. When they got to New York, they unloaded just as quickly, even though we’re on a second floor walkup here as compared to our former Boston elevator building. Stan was crazy-drenched in sweat by the end, but clearly didn’t care, and Terry  a Pro mover.

We’ll definitely use them again.

Moving from Boston to Fort Lauderdale Florida

utilized the services of Benny’s moving for a long distance moving from Boston to Florida. Very smooth, fast and stress-free.  Direct and to the point.  Two movers showed up five minutes early and got to work.  Stuff went in truck wrapped and marked with stickers and detailed inventory list - delivery was made 7 days later in Fort Lauderdale Florida, no damages and the two movers put our bed back together.

Moving is one of the worst things one will ever go through, but I have to say that this step in my process was definitely the easiest.

I received a quote over the phone very quickly.  Nothing was broken.  Everyone was very easy to talk to and I knew all the details at every step of the process.  I will work with them again, for sure.


Thank you

Dan Sorkin

Moving from Boston to New York City

I needed movers at the very last minute on the last weekend of the month during the summer for moving from Boston to New York, so basically everyone was already booked up. I used Benny’s Moving online estimating tool, and Stephen called me 15 minutes later. They booked me for the morning 8:00-9:00 AM and same day delivery in New York City.

I called in the morning of the moving day to see if they thought they would be running on time, and they told me around 8:45  Literally at 8:45, the movers showed up. They looked at my stuff and said, “is that it? One bedroom apartment
They had everything in the truck in One and half an hours. They were finishing up unloading at 5:00 PM in New York City,

Betsy Schnider

Find Reliable Moving Companies in Massachusetts

Find Reliable Moving Companies in Massachusetts


There are lots of choices when it comes to moving companies in Massachusetts. But the main concern is selecting one which can offer us the best service and also take care to make the important moves in time. Reliability is one of the major factors in selecting a moving company in Massachusetts, because of the importance of the items that are being moved by them. So, what are the things that one needs to consider, when picking out a good moving company?

First and foremost, it is important to decide, what sort of moving service you are looking for. For example, there are ‘full-service’ moving companies, which can actually do the packing, shifting and unpacking for you. These companies employ specialized individuals to do the job of bringing in all the packaging materials and taking care of things in a completely professional way. Since they have the experience of doing this every day, the whole process can be completed in less time.

Alternatively, these companies also provide individual services like supplying packaging materials, moving all your packaged things from the old to new premises or just storing your things before relocation. You can avail any of these individual services too, in case you do not want to go for a package deal.

While it is difficult to assess the reliability or trustworthiness of a moving company just by visiting them once, you can always ask around to ascertain their credibility. Asking their older clients or people who are using them at present can get you an idea into how they operate and whether they are suitable for your purpose.

Usually, it is better to select a company which is established for many years in this area and has an office with good fleet of moving trucks to do the job. Since most of the moving is going done via roads, check out for a moving company which owns a good amount of vehicles as well as employ good and experienced professionals to do the job for you.

The monetary part is as important as the reliability part. Now, with most of the movers going online with their requisitions and deals, it is easier to obtain a quotation from them in minutes.

If you are planning on moving to new premises in Massachusetts, pick out the best moving company around the area to ensure a stress free moving!


About the company:


Benny’s Moving & Storage Company is a team of professionally trained mover who are known for delivering premier moving services. These movers are specially trained to handle large items such as furniture, pianos etc. They also provide packing materials for safety and security purpose.


Locate Cost Effective Boston Moving Companies

Locate Cost Effective Boston Moving Companies


Are you planning to shift your home or office in the Boston area? Then, the first thought that would have come in your mind is “how to find a good moving company” or “how much will I need to pay for this particular moving”? While it is an established fact that moving company can make the whole thing like eating a piece of cake, it is also essential to save every penny that you can, since “every penny saved is a penny earned”.


Hence, it is essential to find a cost effective solution to the whole problem. So, how do we proceed to do it?

  1. Check out all the best moving companies in the Boston. Before doing that, you can also read some of their reviews and comments given by the former clients to know about their work.
  2. Once you have the details, call them to find out the rate they are going to charge for a particular movement. Also, find out how many professionals will be employed for the job, the time taken for the whole thing and also the other services provided in the cost they are quoting. You need not worry about paying for the quotations at all- they come absolutely free of cost!
  3. Now, compare the costs from all quotations. While you are at it, make a list of services too, that comes within that cost. Though the major reason we are doing it is to save the moving cost, it should not end up with you paying more at the end, because some services are not included in the quotation provided.


Check carefully all the necessary items in the quotation and also consult their prior clients to get the complete picture correctly, to have the most cost effective moving in Boston!

I decided to go with Benny’s for my move from Boston to Chicago

After reading horror story after horror story about different moving companies, I decided to go with Benny’s for moving from Boston to Chicago; seemed to have the best reviews I could find.

This moving company rocked my socks. I ordered an estimate which I got the same day for $2300. They gave me a 8-9 pick up time and delivery time 5-7 business days for better deal than 2 days delivery.

They arrived at 8:30.  I filled the bill of lading up, locked it, and didn’t even have to be around when they picked it up.

but I don’t really have much, so a half hour was all it took.  Another (cheaper) option would have been a truck delivery (i.e., they park a huge truck on my block but there really wasn’t a place for a truck on my block.
I was given a 5 day delivery estimate, and that’s exactly what it took.  When it arrived, I could unload my stuff at any time – open 24 hrs.  I had to drive out to the terminal by the Midway Airport with my man-friend in two cars, and that was it — everything was dry and still in one piece. Off without a hitch. For a $2300 price tag, I would say this was not too shabby.

We needed to get a mover is short order

We needed to get a mover is short order. We had 5 days from the time we found the apartment till the day we would move in. I was searching for moving companies in Waltham and I found Fastlines movers of on Angie’s List. I called and spoke with Kara. She explained everything in detail. I went back to Angie’s List and purchased a coupon to save some money on the move.

When the movers arrived (early I might add) we found where they could load the truck. They started right in, no questions asked. The move did take One Hour longer than I expected. But then again I am not a mover. All in all it took 3 guys a little over 8 hours to move me from my 2nd floor apartment to a 3rd floor apartment. All the furniture was wrapped and handled everything like it was their own move.

Friendly, omg so friendly. It was like having friends over to help you move.

I would highly recommend Stairhopper to anyone making a move.

Professional Movers Waltham Massachusetts Fastlines Moving

Fastlines movers were extremely efficient, professional, and friendly. We had allocated a two-hour window to get things moved and set up to our new place and everything happened very smoothly within the time frame (granted we were just moving down the street but they were very quick!).

Fastlines Movers gave us a call to let us know they were on their way, arrived right on time, and just started moving things out of our place once we went over what we needed to get moved. They were very careful when moving our items and made sure that the items did not touch any of the walls and all furniture arrived with no damages.

We had a couple of items that needed to be packed and they were so fast yet careful in packing our things. We had a couple of lamps that needed to be packed and they suggested that we bring them in our car so that we wouldn’t be charged for an extra box which I appreciated.

When we arrived at the new place, they were kind enough to take off their shoes when we had them move the furniture into the carpeted bedroom. Really nice guys; they were quick, got the job done, and did everything as expected. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a local movers in Waltham!

Excellent Moving services and Very Professional Movers

Found them on yelp and got a quote by Stephen. Setting up this appointment was very easy and they got right back to me. My move was  this past week for a move less than 10 miles from one another. I have nothing but great things to say.. A+++++ movers. And handsome:)

I agree with other reviewers, they were due to show up at 8:00 am and they showed up at 7:45 am so a bit early but in my book better early than late and very professional movers.

Three tall, muscular  men showed up spoke with me what needed to be moved and I showed them and they were on their moving way. I opted for additional insurance which was a great price and worth every penny. Nothing got damaged cause these guys were careful and knew what they were doing.

I moved into a place with hard wood flooring which is very prone to scratch. Even the slightest movement can cause a scratch. Not a scratch was made or any dents these guys were awesome . My management company even commented how great they were and they are going to let others that need to move their number, I was searching google for moving companies Massachusetts and Benny’s moving came right on top so I called them and I am happy I did.

Great job guys keep up the amazing work!