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Long Distance moving from Boston to California

These guys moved me from Boston to California and were amazing. I didn’t have to lift a finger they came and packed up all my belongings for me, made the haul down to California an easy process. They even placed my furniture exactly where I wanted to by following the instruction I gave them.

They deffinetly have moving down to a science, none of my belongings were broken or scratched. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make a long distance moving from Massachusetts to Los Angeles, After moving numerous times, this is the best way to go!

Moving from Boston to California

Benny’s Movers they have helped us move for the second time. Terry, William and Marvin did an excellenttttttttt job, they came on time, were very careful with moving the furniture, packing, loading and unloading. Did every thing quickly and within the time estimate they promised. our moving from Boston to California was a great experience because of having such efficient movers. Like first time this time again we felt confident that our things are in safe hands!!!!
Stephen and Kara helped us in booking the dates and were very considerate and accommodating for our dates.
We will definitely take their help for our next move as well.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Benny’s Moving and storage of Watertown Massachusetts.

Moving from New York City to Boston with Benny’s Moving

Honestly I was a bit nervous watching these 3 guys move our stuff from an apartment in New York City to an apartment in Boston.
Took apart couch, table, desks and bedroom set and a piano with no problem.  Almost like watching a movie.  Did not hit one wall or damaged any of my items.
Moving from New York to Boston was great experience, Everything up perfectly after unpacking the truck.  The crew was on time and the price was fantastic. The three gentlemen were just nice and professional movers.  Extremely professional and courteous. I can’t recommend this Benny’s moving company enough.

Is it Worth to Hire Mover for Within the City Moving?

Is it Worth to Hire Mover for Within the City of Boston?


Unlike an interstate shifting, local shifting do not involve too much of a hassle. However, still, ‘moving’ it is a big and daunting task, because of the hard work involved. First, one need to pack the things carefully, then, transfer it to a new destination and of course, unpack it, all these in, say few days’ time, while our ordinary life is put on hold.  As to our question here, is engaging a moving company for local transfers essential, well, the answer would be a ‘yes,’ if you want the moving process to go smoothly. Let’s see what the moving company in Boston can achieve, that we cannot do it ourselves.


  • A moving company usually owns up a fleet of vehicles, designed exclusively for transferring goods from one place to another. These vehicles are mostly covered and secured from any kind of happening on the road.  The drivers engaged would know how fast or how slow to go on the roads, in order to deliver the things intact to the said destination. Now, if we do this trip on our own, even what with engaging the best of the vehicles, we will not get the advantage of excellent drivers and the vehicle too.
  • If you engage a moving company to do the transfer, you need to take up insurance, which is quite advisable. Now, what this insurance can do is that, for any small damage during the freight or delay in delivery, you can claim compensation.  Moreover, in circumstances when you are planning to do the moving yourself, you will be entirely responsible for any damage that happens on the road, and so, you need to pay up from your pocket for the damages.
  • The professionals moving companies are trained to do the job of loading, and unloading the goods. As a trained professional, they can act much faster than the untrained ones and so, you will save much time in all processes, from loading, shifting to unloading your household items.
  • Engaging the help of a moving company will also make you eligible for advices in packing your goods, procuring packaging materials and so on.


So, if you want a stress-free local shifting, getting the help from the Boston movers in the area can make the whole process easier and safer in the long run.


About the Author:


David Abotbool founded Benny’s Moving and Storage in 1992 and made from just a moving company to a premier moving company in Boston.


Benny’s Moving & Storage Company is a market leader in moving services in Boston. They are highly trained team of professional movers who are known for delivering premier moving services. They do careful handling of large items such as furniture, pianos etc. For packing delicate goods they also provide packing materials.


Stressed about Moving Home in Boston? Hire a Mover

Stressed about Moving Home in Boston? Hire a Mover


Ok, we know how stressful moving stuffs home can be; even it is only from one stress to another in the same city. That is the reason one need all the help one can get during this highly challenging time. Of Course, we are talking about the movers here. If you feel that you cannot spend much on a Boston moving company, what you need actually to do is to take out a pen and paper and make a list out the pros and cons of hiring a moving company versus doing it. Many have found that it is much beneficial all the way round to do the former. The reason behind this verdict is simple.


When you plan to do the shifting your stuffs, what is the work involved? Apart from packing, even if you do that over a period, slowly, you need to hire a vehicle to do the moving. However, just hiring vehicle is not an end to it. A vehicle comes only with one driver and a helper. What about loading your household items and unloading them at your destination? Who is going to perform this task? Moreover, not only performing it, but do it quite safely and carefully?


Well, these are some of the reasons due to which one should hiring a moving company. This can work out to the best of your advantage. A moving company comes with their state of the art vehicle. A ‘state of art’ simple means a vehicle specially designed to carry all type of goods, fragile and otherwise safely. A moving company vehicle is also accompanied by professionals to do the ‘loading and unloading’ part, and everything else required to deliver your items carefully. Then again, moving company also comes with an insurance claim privilege. Anything goes amiss; you can always take it on their hide!


What more reasons do we need to engage a mover in Boston? So, select such a moving firm, which can give you affordable and reliable moving solutions.

Benny’s Moving offers A Tip on how to find the Best Moving Company?

Mushrooming Movers; How to Find Best One?


Moving and packing companies are growing faster than the mushrooms in winter. With so many choices available in the market, how can one catch hold of the best mover? It is an enormous decision to make, when it comes to picking out the best among the lot. There are a few questions that one might consider, while selecting a moving company, for any kind of shifting, local or interstate.


  1. 1.    How old the moving company is and how many years of experience do they have in moving homes and offices?

Now, though you need to ask this to confirm the reliability of the company, being just an old company only, does not make them entirely reliable. However, one should accept the fact that the old company would have the facilities and experience that an entirely new one might not have. So, ask this question anyway, to know the kind of experience they have put behind them.


  1. 2.    What are the types of vehicles they possess and how are they going to make use of them to move your things safely?

This one fact- the vehicle- should be the deciding factor, when it comes to movers. A moving company with an excellent fleet of vehicles to move things round is necessary to move your things safely. If the company has a good amount of vehicles, your items might be shipped at a faster rate than otherwise.


  1. 3.    How long it will take for insurance claim to come across and what provisions they have for doing it?

This question can be rephrased as what type of customer service care they have to take care of all our needs. Insurance claim is an essential aspect of moving. So, this question is a very crucial one.


Though the list of questions goes on and on, some of these fundamental questions can cover a lot many essential things. Select the best moving companies in Boston Massachusetts by asking some of these questions, to have a stress-free moving.

About Benny’s Moving & Storage

Benny’s Moving & Storage was started in 1992 and in that time has built a reputation as the premier mover in the Boston area. Benny’s Moving & Storage combines years of experience with world-class customer service. They are specialists and provide free estimates for all types of moves.

Benny’s maintains a Business A+ Rating by the BBB, is a member of American Moving and Storage Association,

Contact Information:

Benny’s Moving and Storage, Inc.

One Boston Place Suite 2600 Boston MA 02108

10 Bridge St. Watertown, MA 02472 Local: (617) 926-5707

Toll Free: 1-800-286-9959

Nashua New Hampshire 1 Tara Boulevard, Suite 200. Nashua, NH 03062.


Benny’s moving was recommended to me over and over by multiple people

Benny’s moving was recommended to me over and over by multiple people which allowed me to be worry free when booking him for our move from Waltham to Boston.  Terry and his team are professional, quick, and courteous.  They arrived not only on time but a little bit early.  Everything was done efficiently and with complete care.  At one point one of the crew was moving my dresser and the banging of the draw made a sound similar to the noise of something breaking. Terry heard the noise, became concerned, and wanted to check if everything was all right.  This is a much different attitude than the movers I have used in the past.

I liked Terry so much I recommended him to my brother who can be very very picky when it comes to anyone providing service. he called me after the move raving about Terry and his crew. I found Benn’s moving searching on google moving company Waltham MA.

We moved from Newton to Boston with Benny’s moving and storage

We moved from Newton to Boston with Benny’s moving and storage, I loved working with these guys. The booking process was easy, and on the day of the move, they were on time, as promised and ready to go. Moving is awful, but hiring these guys took the sting out of the stressful process.

We were moving from a Three bedroom house to another house, and they had one truck and three movers. Diego went over the process and some details regarding their moving process! They are FAST. They took off the door from the hinges and furniture was wrapped and out of the door. the chairs were individually wrapped and loaded with care in the truck. The guys were friendly, and were extremely professional.
When they got to the new property, they asked where things should go and that was that! Nothing was damaged, everything was in place, and Diego and his crew left with a smile, we have an upright Piano and they moved it so fast without any problems, when we called around some piano movers in Boston they made it so complicated so we pass on.

Hands down, entirely worth the cost. Having had moved three times in four years, we were not going to do this one. Our friend recommended Benny’s Moving, who we had used twice.
I called around many times and found their pricing to be more reasonable than other Boston moving companies, and they supplied all the materials they needed. I called a few places who had a lot of hidden costs – packing blankets, weight costs, etc. They are reasonable, and on top of it, Benny’s moving so nice and professional.

My move from Cambridge to Boston with Benny’s Moving Best moving services

So glad I chose Benny’s moving and storage Boston for my move. We moved from a 3 bedroom apartment in Cambridge to another 2 bedroom in Boston. I shopped around for estimates and their quote was very reasonable for a August 31st move in date. Up until they came I was nervous about everything working out but they did showed up right on time. We have heavy furniture, a bed that needed to be taken apart and put back together, a heavy dresser and a lot of random pieces of furniture and boxes. Terry and his team showed up on time clean and polite and were off in no time packing up their truck. I couldn’t believe how fast they were, and how they managed to fit our entire apartment into one truck moving from Cambridge to Boston. At one point when Terry was putting back together a dresser, he realized that the track to the door came off during the move, but Terry managed to fix it and all was fine.

We appreciated that he took it upon himself to fix the problem immediately. All 3 guys were incredibly nice and very hard workers. It was quite hot that day and you could tell the heat was affecting them, but they never let their pace slow down.  If we ever move in the future, I will be using Benny’s moving again, Thank you Terry, Galindo and William, Benny’s moving You are the best Boston movers.

I moved from Waltham MA to Newton MA with Fastlines Movers

I have used them TWICE now, once to just help with unloading a truck that I rented and drove myself to destination and once to move me from Waltham to Newton. They were on time, helpful, polite and hard working. I never heard them complain once even though it was so hot from the morning time. They carefully wrapped everything and got t all here without any damages on any of the walls or furniture. I was grateful they fit me in last minute, and even responded quickly via email. I had so many problems with moving companies getting back to me since it is getting into prime moving time in Waltham but I feel fortunate to have gotten them again and at an affordable rate.

I hope to use them again, and I won’t be moving any time soon, but if they’re in business still.