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Moving from Boston MA to Indiana

Let’s start with the initial appointment. Everything was set up for me in about 5 minutes. Mike sent me all of the information and the breakdown of the cost, which I found to be very reasonable. I hired Boston moving company to move my belongings to storage and then to moving it from Boston to Bloomington, Indiana where I was hires to work at IU. Mike told me that if I didn’t need the whole month of storage, they would prorate my use and refund me they money (awesome!)

Terry and William came to move me out of my apartment, which was located off of Comm Ave in Kenmore Sq (BU Property). They were efficient and very friendly. They  wrapped up the big items – couch, desk, entertainment unit, bed, etc and brought it down 2 different elevators and around the block. Needless to say, they did an amazing job with the move out part.

When I found a place in Bloomington, Mike were very quick to set up a time to meet me to move in my belongings. Terry and another man came, and quickly unloaded everything in my apartment, set up my bed and couch.

After they departed, Mike sent me a text that he mistakenly over charged me, and that I would get some money back. I didn’t even realize that he made a mistake, and so I really appreciated his honesty and awesomeness.

I would recommend Fast Lines Moving Company Waltham MA and Benny’s Moving Company to anyone living in Boston and I would certainly use them again.

Last minute and not planning before the move

By Blogger  Dave | February 23, 2014 |  Fun Times, Real Estate  |  Comments

Moving is always a stressful event, and as such, can often lead to simple mistakes that end up making the entire process more difficult. Below, we’ll look at five common mistakes that you should avoid while moving your home or office local or long distance.

1. Last minute and not planning before the move.

Careful planning is essential when moving a house or office. Never leave anything to be decided at the last minute. You need to make assessments regarding the moving budget, timing of the move and packing needs.

Depending on your budget and expertise, you can decide whether to opt for hiring a professional moving company or handling the move yourself. When you move, there are a lot of things that have to be taken care of, such as requesting change in address, cutting off utility connections and unsubscribing from various subscriptions that cannot be dealt with randomly without proper planning.

2. Hiring cheap movers.

When you plan on hiring professional moving companies to handle your relocation, you should be mindful of not choosing the company that offers the lowest rates. This is the biggest mistake that people make and end up with further hassle, stress and additional costs associated with moving.

Never compromise the quality of services for the price. Make sure to research quality movers for their professionalism, experience, reliability and integrity of service when selecting the right mover. Unreliable movers rely on cheap pricing to attract customers and usually are not insured or registered.

3. Packing your items the wrong way.

The packing process requires time and careful preparation to ensure that items do not get damaged, lost or mixed up. Sizing up boxes is important to ensure that different items are carefully packed according to their dimensions.

Use strong boxes for heavy items and don’t stuff boxes, as they may tear. It is better if you mark the boxes with their content to prevent any confusion while unpacking and unloading.

Items such as laptops, computers, jewelry or other valuables should not be packed and sent in the moving truck; rather they should be taken in the car when you move.

4. Not reading through the moving documentation.

After you have decided which moving company to hire, you need to go through all the paperwork before signing them. You should learn about your moving rights and any limitations so that you are not surprised at the end.

Do not commit on a blank paper or before anything has been finalized. Ensure all moving aspects are set right before signing the paperwork so that in the event of a dispute you do not end up being the party at loss.

5. Not getting a written estimate based on actual items to be moved.

A moving estimate over the phone or email is not enough and this is why you should always insist for an in-home estimate. Invite the movers over and show them all the items that have to be packed and moved.

In this way, not only will you get an accurate estimate in written form, but you will also avoid paying more after the move. An in-house visit also gives an idea to the movers regarding the hallways and doors through which items have to be moved out so that moving schedules can be planned out in advance for your next Piano Movingwhite moving storage truck,  Interstate Moving, Local Moving or Office Moving.


We hope that this has been helpful, and if in the end you want to go with Benny’s moving and storage in one of our regions, including Moving Company New Hampshire, Moving from Boston to California, or if you are moving from Boston to Florida please call us at  (781) 209-2602

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