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I moved from Newton to Cambridge, first floor to second floor with no elevator

Benny’s Moving is among the best moving companies around town!!  Terry, Marvin and Jose showed up at 8:15 AM to move one bedroom with several large pieces of furniture , very professional and smooth movers than I could have imagined, and for a very good price 3 movers and a truck $129.00 an hour.  I moved from Newton to Cambridge, first floor to second floor with no elevator Terry and his office people are an absolute pleasure to work with, very professional, reliable, careful, courteous, dedicated movers.  My parents who also used them recommended them to me, we were equally impressed.  As others have said: they made the move process easy,  I’d hire them again in an instant, and I recommend them most highly to any of my friends and family.

needed help moving furniture from Cambridge, MA to Newton, MA. I found Benny’s Moving on Angies List

I needed help moving furniture from Cambridge, MA to Newton, MA. I found Benny’s Moving on Angies List and I called Benny’s moving office and spoke to Stephen.

Within 2 weeks, they came to my house Three movers and a truck and moved everything, they gave me 3 hours minimum include the travel time, the move took almost 4 hours and I was very happy with the service.

Terry was very nice, courteous, polite  and very professional. It cost me a bit more than I was hoping to spend but considering he solved my problem within a few hours, I can’t really complain.

I would highly recommend Poetry Moving.

We were moving from Brookline to Newton a two bedroom apartment to a house

The booking process was easy, and on the day of the move, they were on time, Diego, Jose and Alex. hiring these guys took the stress out of the stressful process.

We were moving from Brookline to Newton a two bedroom apartment to a house first floor to first and second floor, and they had large truck and three movers. Diego went over the contract and some details regarding their moving process and they were fast.

When they got to the new house in Newton Massachusetts, they asked where things should go and that was that! Nothing was damaged, everything was in place,  me and my husband got the movers pizza for lunch and they ware so happy and said thank you so many times.
The price was very good compare to other moving companies,  Our friend recommended Benny’s moving of Watertown, MA, who he had used twice, and his family has used so many times.

I have used Benny’s moving Three times now, once to move me from Cambridge to Boston

I have used Benny’s moving Three times now, once to move me from Cambridge to Boston. They were on time, helpful, polite and hard working.

They did wrap everything and got t all here without any damages on any of the walls. I was grateful they booked me in last minute, and even responded VERY quickly via email.

Moving in Cambridge last time and now I am moving from Cambridge to Boston from first floor to second floor, Terry, Galindo and Jose did an amazing job for us.

I hope I won’t be moving any time soon, but if they’re in business still,  if we buy another a house and move again we’ll use them in a heartbeat. I can’t say enough great stuff about them!

Choosing the Right Movers and Packers in Rhode Island

Choosing the Right Movers and Packers in Rhode Island

Shifting gives you a headache as it is very hectic, chaotic and annoying process. The works associated to it makes you stressful. Packing your household goods, arranging the vehicles for transportation of goods to the new destination, loading/unloading and unpacking/rearranging the goods: all these keep you on your heels. You can make those look simpler and easier by just hiring the movers who can give a hassle free relocation or shifting. The movers give you the professional service with a proficient crew to handle all your shifting activities and make this tedious task as a fun chore for you.

Many moving companies in Rhode Island are operating these days, who offers hassle free transferring or relocating services. But choosing the right one which will be reliable and can provide you an estimate that is backed by a price guarantee and free quote for your local Rhode Island relocation is most preferred.

Moving Service

Below find enlisted some guidelines to help you in choosing or finding the right moving agency:

    List down all the moving companies: You can list down all the moving agencies by asking your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors or you can browse through the internet.

•    Collect the information on estimates: Once the listing is done, collect the estimates from those listed companies. You can ask one of their representatives to visit and give you the estimates of the goods to be transported.

•    Thoroughly compare the estimates: Take your time after collecting the estimates, to do cost planning by comparing the estimates with different moving agencies and the research work to get the best deal in hiring a mover in in Rhode Island . But it is highly advised settling down to a cheaper price for a minimal quality is not worth.

•      Discuss thoroughly with the moving agencies: Discuss about the discounts, any hidden costs and surplus charges. Seek out for their storage and warehouse facilities, insurance schemes, their authorized license and registration. Any good moving company will feel glad to tell you about all those.

By adopting the above guidelines you can get a reliable moving agency in Rhode Island. Once you select the right movers and packers, your work is almost done.

Relocating Home in Rhode Island? Hire a Mover

Relocating Home in Rhode Island? Hire a Mover


Bigger and personal projects like relocations are best accomplished by picking a moving company to help you out with the hard work. Are you planning to relocate your home in Rhode Island?  Then, hiring the best mover in the place is the wisest choice you can make, to save yourself some quality time and a stress free shifting. Here are the reasons why a mover can make things easier for you:


  1. A moving company is experienced in dealing with the transportation of important household or office goods. With the fleet of vehicle they own, your things will reach the destination safely.


  1. They also have the responsibility of reaching the destination without any untoward happenings on the road, because you are paying them to do the job for you and they will also have to protect their reputation and look out for insurance claims.


  1. The shifting will be much quicker and less messy, when done through the aid of their experienced hands.


  1. Many movers also have packing facilities and provide appropriate packing materials to finish your packing. The whole work will be much easier, if you avail their packing services too. Even otherwise, since they are the experts, the moving companies will be able to guide you on the type of packing materials you need to use, to have a safe transfer.


Engaging the services of movers in Rhode Island can save you a lot of headache, effort and time, and make the whole process streamlined. A pre-planned work is always easier to handle. Make sure to get hold of a good moving company to get the whole benefit of hiring the moving services.


So, the nest time you shift your office or home, research a little to engage the best moving company in Rhode Island and make your moving a happier and stress free time all around.

Movers and Packers in Vermont by Benny’s Moving

Movers and Packers in Vermont


What is your take on hiring moving and packing services? Well, people have entirely diverse opinions on engaging these services. But, when you see closely, you will find that the sentiments largely depend upon the experiences they have had with the movers.


So, if you are looking for best moving services in Vermont, then check out the following qualities to have a satisfactory and fulfilling experience.


  • An old company, with enough experience in dealing with both internal as well as interstate moving, is always worthy of selection. This is because; they would have come across various situations and thus, will be able to handle anything that comes in their stride.


  • A moving company should be transparent in its proceedings. So, even if they give some twenty page document illustrating what they handle and what they do not, it should be crystal clear in the message it is imparting. Vague proceedings are dangerous to deal with, especially since you are handing over your valuable goods to a moving company.


  • Packing services are as difficult and time consuming as the moving ones. So, a company which can offer you their advice and assistance in packing can be more helpful.


  • Insurance is another aspect that one needs to take care of, before hiring out the best moving company in Vermont. Many companies provide their highly valuable advice as well as guidance to pick the best insurance in the market. Check this fact, before hiring a moving company.


Hiring the hire Vermont moving and storage company can truly be the wisest choice available, if you want your shifting to be less messy, not stressful and of course, successful in all aspects. Pick up the best moving companies in Vermont, to make the next move peaceful.

Hire Movers in Connecticut & Reduce Your Headache

Hire Movers in Connecticut & Reduce Your Headache

Moving companies have become quite popular among the new-age working crowd, who do not have enough time make the move to a new home, all by themselves. This has made moving companies very conscious of the responsibility that is bestowed on them, and thus, is performing a wonderful job of providing seamless moving solutions to people in Connecticut and other parts of the country.

So, if you have any apprehension about moving companies in Connecticut, all you need to do is to approach one of them and talk about the solutions they have for making your move to anyplace comfortable. The moving companies have following solutions for those who are interested in hiring them.

  • Packaging services: Many a times, even with so much care, we tend to mess up with our packing’s, understandably so, since we are not experienced in the art. So, the moving companies offer packing services or provide materials for packing, to make it easier and less time consuming for the inexperienced.


  • Storage options: If you are planning to travel out of Connecticut for a few months and return back to the city, all you need to do is to engage one of the excellent storage solutions the moving companies have with them. Your precious items will be safe and waiting for your return.


  • Moving services: This is what professional movers in Connecticut specialize in, so, they provide you with a vehicle depending upon the quantity of goods you need to transfer.


  • Insurance and other options: Better to be safe than sorry. So, insurance is an option, you will find that every moving company advice about and provide assistance too.

So, next time you plan to move your house and hearth, hire the services offered by the moving companies to do away with the headache.

Best Interstate Moving Company in Boston, MA

Best Interstate Moving Company in Boston, MA


Planning an Interstate move, even for a very good purpose, is a very time-consuming and tedious affair that many of us have faced one time or the other. Many people advise us as to what to be done and not done, while shifting out a residence or an office. But, there are a few instructions as to the checks one need to make, to ascertain if the moving company we are employing is a genuine one or not.


Interstate Moving companies, as we know, have cropped up every nook and corner of Boston city now. So, when this is the situation one need to face the highly competitive market, how can you make sure the person you have employed is a good moving company in Boston? Let us make a list and contemplate on the items, to get to the core of this essential aspect.


  • Experience of the moving company: Though we are only checking out if a company is genuine or not, experience counts, because a well established company, cannot be suspicious. The reason behind this is that they have a reputation to maintain and customers to satisfy. Moreover, they are in this field for so long that you will find hundreds of satisfied customers vouching for them.


  • Insurance policies: It is always a matter of concern during shifting- if or if not one should take an insurance, and to what capacity? A genuine company will tell you clearly what and what not to expect during shifting and also the importance of taking up the insurance. Many good moving companies have their own insurance advisors, who can sit with you and talk about all the essential points.


  • Signing up documents: A genuine company, though, will also make you sign documents, the clauses in them, will not be so vague, as in a suspicious one. Read every clause, and understand them (if possible, ask for an explanation), before signing them up to help you in the shifting process.


  • Transparency about the facilities: How many trucks do you own and what about the credentials of your drivers? Try asking questions such as the above, to ensure if you are paying up for nothing but, best facilities.


Our Interstate moving services includes pickup and delivery door to door all inclusive flat rate price guaranteed, our services from New England to the entire continental USA, Moving from Connecticut to California call us for free estimate.


Moving from Boston to Chicago or moving from New Hampshire to Florida call Benny’s moving for any questions in regards to your long distance relocation.


The cost involved in moving or even the persons employed with the moving companies, all that comes later on. Check out the above mentioned points and the other ones that you can come up with, to ensure you are only employing the best in the market to move your precious goods.


About the company:


Benny’s Moving & Storage Company is a market leader in moving services in Boston. They are highly trained team of professional movers who are known for delivering premier moving services. They do careful handling of large items such as furniture, pianos etc. For packing delicate goods they also provide packing materials.

Interstate Movers: 5 Reasons to Hire Them, moving from Cambridge, Brighton, Newton, Somerville

Interstate Movers: 5 Reasons to Hire Them

Moving a home from one state to another, is a task well left to someone responsible and trustworthy. The whole shifting process is an insurmountable work, which can be handled well with a good deal of hard work and excellent help, in the form of moving companies. There is always a debate about why one should hire an interstate mover to shift a home, and why not on your own?

One single answer to that question is that if you will be able to handle all that hard work, physical and mental stress, then, go ahead and do it all by yourself. If not, then, let us look at some of the best reasons to hire an interstate packer, to convince ourselves and others nearby.

  • Unlike a local moving, if you are moving out of a state, your precious items must be given special care. An experienced mover will be able to handle this distance with expertise and care. Any unexpected problem on the highways, will not create much disruption in their work, since they are experienced in doing this day in and day out.


  • Since your goods are going to travel quite a distance and roads can be tricky at times, specialized packing is required for the transfer of your items. Moving companies can supply you with all the essential items for packing and give you advice on the same.


  • Factors like dealing with authorities on the roadways or hiring people to load things on a truck is one of the most stressful work. Who would want to acquire these additional tensions, when our lives are already filled with stressful everyday activities?


  • Moving your home interstate requires a lot many things, in case you are planning not hire the services of a mover. For example, you need to engage people to do all the hard work, a vehicle to transfer your goods, (with cover, to avoid any damage to your items), someone responsible to travel with the vehicle and deal with road taxes and so on. The list is never ending. If you hire a moving company, you can leave all these tasks in their hands, and just travel peacefully, with an assurance that your things are going to reach the new place safely, whether you are moving from Boston to Virginia or if you moving from Boston to Georgia Benny’s Interstate movers can assist you in a short notice, call 1-800-286-9959 and get free long distance moving quote.

So, if you are planning on an interstate shifting, make sure to pick out the best moving company, to enjoy an all new beginning in the new city.

About the company:


Benny’s Moving & Storage Company is a market leader in moving services in Boston. They are highly trained team of professional movers who are known for delivering premier moving services. They do careful handling of large items such as furniture, pianos etc. For packing delicate goods they also provide packing materials.