My move from Boston to New York City

This was my best move ever. And I’ve lived in 5 apartments in NYC, a few in Los Angeles, and just moved to NYC. These guys were seriously the best and smoothest move I’ve EVER had, with zero problems and, just as important, no hidden fees. The extremely reasonable price we were quoted for labor, travel, etc. was exactly what our move cost us in the end $2200.

what a great experience moving from Boston to New York, They were exactly on time to our Boston apartment and loaded up REALLY quickly—with just two dudes (Terry and Marvin), too. Because trucks must take the highway instead of the parkway through Connecticut, we beat our movers to NYC by a couple of hours, but we never had to worry about where they were, because they kept us informed of their whereabouts via phone calls during their entire trip. When they got to New York, they unloaded just as quickly, even though we’re on a second floor walkup here as compared to our former Boston elevator building. Stan was crazy-drenched in sweat by the end, but clearly didn’t care, and Terry  a Pro mover.

We’ll definitely use them again.

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