Daily Archives: June 18, 2014

I decided to go with Benny’s for my move from Boston to Chicago

After reading horror story after horror story about different moving companies, I decided to go with Benny’s for moving from Boston to Chicago; seemed to have the best reviews I could find.

This moving company rocked my socks. I ordered an estimate which I got the same day for $2300. They gave me a 8-9 pick up time and delivery time 5-7 business days for better deal than 2 days delivery.

They arrived at 8:30.  I filled the bill of lading up, locked it, and didn’t even have to be around when they picked it up.

but I don’t really have much, so a half hour was all it took.  Another (cheaper) option would have been a truck delivery (i.e., they park a huge truck on my block but there really wasn’t a place for a truck on my block.
I was given a 5 day delivery estimate, and that’s exactly what it took.  When it arrived, I could unload my stuff at any time – open 24 hrs.  I had to drive out to the terminal by the Midway Airport with my man-friend in two cars, and that was it — everything was dry and still in one piece. Off without a hitch. For a $2300 price tag, I would say this was not too shabby.