I live in Los Angeles California, and I am moving to Boston next Month

I  live in Los Angeles California, and I am moving to Boston next Month.  I needed help on finding professional moving company to move me to Boston, Since I will be working in Downtown Boston I wanted to move with Boston Moving Company.
I am 30 years old and originally from Massachusetts and moving with my husband and Two kids.  I went to Boston University for business degree , I love California but got job offer I could have not refuse.

When I was searching on google for Moving from California to Boston Benny’s moving and storage came up on the search result so I called them and spoke to Kara she was very polite and sweet and gave me a window of One week since they are based in Boston and could not have an exact time for their truck driver do be there, Hey they saved me $2000 so I went with One Week window, they called me 2 days in advanced and the driver gave me date and time and he showed up 8:30 AM and it took 3 Hours for them to load my belongings.

One Week later the driver showed up and deliver our belongings safe and sound, Whether you are moving from Boston to California or from California to Boston Benny’s moving can do it for you.


Thank you

Jenny Colonia

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