I have moved Seven times over the past 25 years

I have moved¬†Seven times over the past 25 years that I have lived in Boston. From the South End to the cramped streets of Beacon Hill to the narrow staircases of the North End. I have always utilized the assistance of my family and friends. Now with move number ten I decided I needed professionals movers in Boston as my body at this age couldn’t handle another move, not to mention my friends and family couldn’t either. I turned to YELP for assistance and found Anton’s.

Booking the move was a breeze which I did online and confirmed on the phone. They gave a very accurate quote.  As moving day approached, so did my anxiety. Did I pack right? Would everything fit in the truck? What do I do while they move my stuff? Do I pitch in and help? Will the truck fit in. My new driveway?

Also in July 2012 I was moving from New York to Boston and I used Benny’s Moving long distance truck it was great experience and the total move coast around $2000

On moving day, I received a confirmation call about 30 minutes before they arrived. My team of three men arrived and were ready to go. They were very professional, skilled, strong and efficient. I was very impressed and very happy with their speed and attention to detail. They wrapped furniture, mirrors and tv’s very well. Nothing broke during the move. I was impressed with the organization of my stuff in the truck! Not to mention how the driver navigated my tight driveway!

I would not hesitate to use them again. They exceeded my expectations and took away my anxiety!

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