Worth every penny! I got Flat-Rate moving quote from Boston to Texas.

Worth every penny! I got Flat-Rate moving quote from Boston to Texas.

I’ve moved a lot and I finally decided that it was time to hire movers. Benny’s moving was recommended by my sister and they did an amazing job.

From the initial phone call I spoke to Kara Cappuccio, the movers were professional and direct. All expectations were clearly laid out, including   Flat Rate quote, the estimate was for $2900 moving from Boston to Dallas Texas. It was $2900 (including transportation time, moving supplies, wrapping all my furniture) with no extra hidden costs. What I appreciated most was even after having long conversation, they told me to call other moving companies to get an estimate and to call back if I decided to go with them, after shopping around.

movers Boston to Dallas

The 3 man team, led by Terry, arrived on time and we began right away. These men were truly amazing with their speed and moving around.  It was so hard to just stand around and watch them, but honestly, we were exhausted from just the watching.

I really commend these guys on their hard work ethic and positive attitude.

Thanks so much for taking a lot of the stress out of moving from Boston to Texas!

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