I moved from Boston to los Angeles California

Great service !!! the sales person in the office Stephen was nice , he explained to me all aspects of move , I am a person with 10 questions , but he was nice and polite  . He gave me Flat-Rate price based on my inventory list and made it clear that if I would not have an extra items over what I gave him the price will be the same include the wrapping and moving supplies but not include packing and boxes, The Movers did an amazing job moving from Boston to Los Angeles, I received my belongings 13 days later .

I was moving from Boston to California , and it took only 13 days to move my 2 bedroom . Benny’s moving has Very professional movers ,  No damages and quick job that is what i need .

It took me Two Weeks to find Interstate movers in Boston but when I did find Benny’s moving it was worth every penny.

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